Fire Safety Awareness in Schools

FRNSW recognises the importance of engaging with children in schools, preschools and child care centres to promote fire safety and awareness.

Through its network of 338 fire stations FRNSW delivers three core children’s fire safety education programs through NSW schools. These are our Pre ED, Fire ED Level 1 and Fire ED Level 2 programs. The programs are aligned to the learning outcomes of the Board of Studies NSW, Personal Development Health & Physical Education (PDHPE) curriculum for Stage 1 to Stage 3 students.

These programs have been designed to create a Fire Safety Learning Pathway for school children from pre-school through to year 6.

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It is important that every person understands how and when to call for emergency services, regardless of age. Early childhood settings provide the perfect platform for important educational messages and provide a safe learning environment for children to understand these messages.

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School Excursions

The Museum of Fire is a treasure trove for the young (or the young-at-heart) fire brigades enthusiast. At the Museum every child can explore the fascinating history of fire fighting, see fire engines and meet people that work with them.

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School Programs

Children are very vulnerable to fires and burns because of their natural curiosity and lack of knowledge of the potential consequences when play with fire. In fact, Fire & Rescue NSW statistics show that at least 3000 fires annually or around 10 per cent of all fires in NSW are believed to be started by children.

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