Brigade Kids

Why does Fire and Rescue NSW have dogs?

Junior Firefighters Mikayla and Charlie ask, ‘Why do Fire and Rescue NSW have dogs?’ Firefighters Tim and Ray introduce Fire Investigation dogs Gando and Xando. Our dogs help us find where a fire has started – with their noses!

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Firefighter Jasmin Serin – Artwork on the Runner

Firefighter Jasmin Serin’s artwork is displayed on City of Sydney’s Fire Truck. Firefighter Jasmin was a participant in Fire and Rescue’s IFARES program and is proud to share her culture through her career.

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Firefighter Peter Jensen – Portfolio

Firefighter Peter Jensen shares what it means to be a proud Indigenous man who is heavily involved in his community. Firefighter Peter has played an important role in paving the way for a lot of current Indigenous Firefighters and is proud to show that if he can do it, you can too!

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Firefighters

Fire and Rescue NSW acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live, serve, and protect. Meet some of the deadly Firefighters who help protect our communities.

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My Fire Plan

It is important to take the time to get ready for Bushfire Season. Complete a Bush Fire Plan as a family, thanks to the NSW Rural Fire Service. For current bushfire information go to

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Word Puzzles

Download and print the word puzzles. How much do you know about Fire Safety?

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Dialling Triple Zero

Download and print the Mobile Phone. Practice how to call Triple Zero (000) so that in an emergency, you can be a Triple Zero Hero!

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Download and print the mazes to see how fast you can escape to the safe meeting place!

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Fire Hazards

Download and print the Fire Hazards activities to see how many fire hazards you can find in the kitchen and around the campfire.

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Cut Out: Fire & Rescue Truck Money Box

Download this really cool Fire Truck Money Box. It will help you remember the fire safety checklist and save money at the same time! Just follow these easy instructions. It’s best to print it on thick paper or cardboard so it stands up easily. Cut around the outline and through the grey money slot on the roof of the truck. Fold and stick down the edges with glue or sticky tape.

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Brigade Kids Answer Booklet

Check your answers to the Brigade Kids Activity Book here!

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2021 Resilient Australia National Award Winner!

FRNSW’s fire safety education programs for children were awarded the 2021 NSW Resilient Australia Government Award and the 2021 Resilient Australia National Award. The programs were praised for enhancing awareness, increasing preparedness, and building resilience in children. For more information, go to Educator Resources > Organise a Program.