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To organise fire safety education for your Early Childhood Education and Care Service or Primary School, download the Educators Guide and follow the steps.

FRNSW’s fire safety education programs were awarded the 2021 Resilient Australia National Award! 

The programs were praised for enhancing awareness, increasing preparedness, and building resilience in children. 

For more information, visit Resilient Australia Awards. 

FRNSW’s fire safety education programs have also been supported and promoted by: 

NSW Minister for Police and Emergency Services, the Hon. David Elliott

NSW State Government

NSW Department of Education

NSW Primary Principals’ Association

Prime 7 News

Fire and Rescue NSW’s fire safety education programs for children are underpinned by rigorous research. To learn more about the evidence-based principles of fire safety education for children, read our Evaluation Report and our peer-reviewed journal article published in the Australian Journal of Emergency Management. 

For further information, contact FRNSW’s Community Engagement Unit at