Brigade Kids

Fire Ed 2 for Years 3 and 4

Fire Ed 2 (Stage 2) is a fire safety education program for students in Years 3 and 4. The program is mapped to the Stage 2 PDHPE curriculum, with Science and Technology and cross-curricular content. 

Students will learn how to identify fire hazards and make them safe, how to stay safe in a fire, about fire science, burns first aid, and bushfire safety. 

For students with Diverse Learning Needs, download additional resources from the Diverse Learning Needs page. 

Lesson Three: Fire Hazards at Home. This video contains footage of fire and smoke development. Please watch this video before playing it in class and use your discretion as to its appropriateness. As an alternative, you can play the version without fire and smoke development, ‘Fire Hazards at Home’. 

Lesson Five: Firefighter Session. This video provides an alternative to the firefighter visit. This video should only be used when a firefighter visit cannot be facilitated at your centre or school. To organise a firefighter visit, go to Organise a Program.