Be a Brigade Kids Champion and enter the competition!

Enter the Brigade Kids Champion Competition before 23rd April for your chance to win some great prizes including an Xbox One Minecraft Bundle, LEGO City packs and Scholastic Australia prize packs for schools. Winners will also be awarded with fire safety certificates and invited to visit their local fire station.

Please remember: you can only enter the competition once.

To enter the competition, simply follow these three steps:

  1. Select ONE of the following fire safety messages:
    “Practice your Escape Plan, and have a Safe Meeting Place”
    “Get Down Low, and Go, Go, Go” 
    “Call Triple Zero (000) in the case of a fire”

  2. Design a poster on paper or digitally that covey’s one of above fire safety messages. Use colours or images for the poster, as long as they are your own work and design – you can’t use or recreate copyrighted characters or concepts.
  3. Upload your poster (by scanning or take a photograph) using the below form.
    (All scans/photographs need to be submitted in gif, jpeg, bmp or png)

Make sure you keep the original too – we’ll need it if you’re selected as a winner or runner-up.

Remember to visit the competition gallery page the next day to view your poster.

Winners will be contacted on Thursday, 4th May

Brigade Kids Champion Competition
02 8020 1401